In continuation with the mission of clean India started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year 2014, this year too we  started the programme in full zest.        

As Swami Vivekananda rightly said “catch them young” should be the motto for any social change, we decided to start this years endeavour with primary section.Students of classes 1 to 5 were given the slogan for the year “My Class, My Responsibility”-under which the cleanliness of the classrooms is to be taken care by all the students.

Freedom to make oneself, surroundings, nation and the world a clean beautiful place is in the hands of every human being . As Gandhiji’s advice to the students were ,“ everyone must be his own scavenger, then you can make your surroundings clean”. As part of the concept of –Cleanliness-it starts with ourselves- students of class 4 and 5 cleaned the assembly area and playground.            

Various activities like poster colour contest, essay, poem writing in Hindi and English were conducted on the topic of clean India-green India.          

We have also started Mahatma’s Suggestions for Personal Carefor students-which will be monitored on a regular basis. Parents also have been intimidated about the same-which are:

“The following points about children should be borne in mind:

(1) Their teeth should be clean. They should be made to rinse them every morning and again before retiring at night.

(2) Their hair should be clean. It should be cut short and washed and brushed every day. Hair should be oiled once a week preferably on Sunday.

(3) Their nails should be clean, clipped from time to time and always washed clean.

(4) Their clothes and shoes, however simple, should be neat and tidy.

(5) Their satchels and books, too, should be clean likewise. They should handle books with clean hands. We need hardly add that it will accrue to the benefit of the children if these rules are kept in mind and they are made to follow them”.

We hope to achieve - Swachh School, Swachh Home, Swachh City


Swachh Bharat

A Clean Community Starting from US

Jai Hind‼‼‼







The international yoga day was celebrated in the school  involving the students of secondary section. The students performed various asanas such as sukhasan , parvatasan, yogamudra, tadasan, veilshasan , chakrasan and pranayam.   The students performed the asanas with full zeal and enthusiasm. 




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