The AES Schools run classes from I to XII and prepare students for All India Secondary School Examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi. At some centers where there are sufficient numbers of children, facilities for running Pre-preparatory/Preparatory/Kindergarten classes are also provided.

  • Eligibility
  • DAE Wards
  • Children of employees of the constituent units, projects, Aided institutes, public sector undertaking under full control of DAE are eligible for admission in AEC Schools and Junior Colleges.
  • The admission to the wards of CISF employees working in DAE units would be considered on par with DAE wards as long as the CISF employee continues to work in DAE units. This concession ceases once CISF employee leaves DAE or its constituent units.
  • Admission Form/Application Form

Table 1: Collection and submission of application forms

Type of Form



Admission Form
(for DAE wards)

Rs. 25/-

Admission Form for DAE wards can be downloaded from AEES website. The duly filled form along that fee should be submitted to the AEC SCHOOL / Jr. college in which the admission is being sought this application can also procured  from the office of AEC SCHOOL/ in which admission is sought

Application Form
(For Non DAE students)


Rs.25/- Non-Dae parents have to obtain the application form from the school concerned/coordinating school in which admission is sought, after notifying the vacant seats in each class by the Aec school/ Jr. college concerned. Application form will be issued on First – come First – serve basis. The duly filled in application forms should be submitted in the school/coordinating school. The application form also be viewed (read only) from the AEECS website ( but cannot be downloaded. 

  • AGE

Table 2: Eligible minimum age for admission


Minimum Age

Pre – Prep

3 Years


4 Years


5 Years


  • Admission Rules

(i)  Birth Certificate:
 Extract from the  Municipal Registrar for children born in cities / towns. Parents whose children were born in a Hospital/ Maternity Home are advised to get the birth certificate of their wards registered in concerned                Municipal Ward Office and get an extract from Municipal Ward Office. Birth Certificate issued by the village munisif must be countersigned by the Block Development Officer of the Taluka of the concerned area. Any Correction/ alteration in the original birth certificate has to be attested by the issuing authority only, otherwise such certificates are liable to be      rejected. The Birth Certificate should essentially contain the name of  parents and the name of child with initials.


Those seeking new admission in standard II onwards as well as those coming on transfer from other Central Schools will have to produce a valid school leaving certificate from the school last attended. In case this is not an Atomic Energy Central School, the certificate should be endorsed by the District Education Officer of the district or the Asst. Commissioner KVS, as the case may be.

  •  AGE:

A pupil seeking admission in Class Pre-prep in 2015-16 should complete 3 years of age as on 31-03-2015 i.e. pupil should have been born prior to 31-03-2010.
1.   Tuition Fee and pupils Fund will be charged for all the twelve months for those who are admitted in 2012-2013. The Students joining in mid-session will pay the fees from the month in which they are admitted provided, they have paid fees in the previous school.
2.   The Class Teachers will collect the fees without and with fine on the given schedule. Thereafter name will be struck off the rolls. In such cases, re-admission will be given on payment of dues plus re-admission fee of Rs. 10/- in the office on any day of the month.
3.   In case, any of the fees dates happens to be a holiday, the fees will be collected the next working day.
4.   After the fee collection, the teacher will remit the same to the office immediately and issue the receipt to the pupils.
5.   Fees will be collected in two installments in April and November for all classes.



Fee Exemption

Students belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe shall be exempted from payment of tuition fee only for classes IX and X, provided they furnish valid documentary evidence to that effect, in the name of the student. On or before the fee collection only. Fee exemption is also given to single & two girl children in the family. For details see school calendar.


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